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About Chris Ritke

I grew up in Maryland and moved to Germany when I was 15 - and ended up spending waaaay too much time over there (no, not really - I like Germany). I have a Masters in Physics that I got at the RWTH in Aachen, Germany. It didn't make me a physicist - it just helped me train my brain to think a little better. I spent many years working on and with project management software. I started off at Netronic in Aachen, Germany, then moved to Foster City, California to work for Scitor Corporation. There, I localized Project Scheduler - the coolest PC/Mac based project management tool of the time. When it was ready, I moved to Frankfurt, Germany, eventually becoming general manager of Scitor GmbH (now called Sciforma) - the US & French owned sales and consulting business focused on Scitor's professional software solutions. After a few years of growing the business to profitablity, I stumbled upon the promise of Java and the Internet and started WebProject (no longer on the web), one of the first online project collaboration solutions. After a few years of hard work with my partner Marc O'Brien and other very brave and totally awesome individuals, we sold WebProject to Novient in Atlanta, Georgia (no longer on the web).

After some goofing off, I started trying different things. Mainly in the new/social media space - whatever that means. I somehow ended up working on embeddable applications like UploadThingy, GalleryThingy and EntryThingy. And trying to discover America through art. That's where I am now. And it's great! So there.

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